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Our American Hotel Furnishings Co. division can fulfill all of your FF&E requirements and services. Whether starting from scratch or starting over, American Hotel Furnishings Co. provides solutions from start to finish!

Interior Design
We work with the industry's leading interior designers. Contact us for further details.

Freight and Logistics Management.A seamless logistical solution
In order for our customers to generate immediate revenue and profit, we place our customers' furnishings, fixtures, equipment, and operating merchandise into service at the earliest possible scheduled time and place.

Our worldwide services include:

Project management
Web-based tracking through our proprietary TotalTrak System

Room In a Box™.The easiest way to ensure that every room is ready in time for your guests!

Once your hotel renovation or opening is complete, Room in a Box service guarantees your rooms will have the appropriate sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, clocks, coffeemakers, amenities, and all the other products you need at exactly the right time. Since everything is packed in one box that's delivered at the time you've requested to each room, all your staff has to do is just unpack, and you're ready for business!

Your customized Room in a Box service includes just 3 easy steps, and American Hotel Furnishings Co. will be there at every step.

  • Step One
    Select all items you need for your rooms, and place the order with American Hotel Furnishings Co. One of our highly trained sales associates will assist you with planning and placing this order.

  • Step Two
    The American Hotel Furnishings Co. team of shipping specialists will process your order by carefully packing one box per room, containing all the items you ordered. We will coordinate the delivery schedule and logistics with shipping so your Room in a Box order arrives on time. You'll never have to worry about stocking products from early shipments or tracking down late arrivals.

  • Step Three
    When you receive your order, simply unpack the box.everything you need for the room is contained inside! One order, one delivery, and one box convenience - what could be easier, more accurate, more timely, and more worry-free?

Replacement Reserve Management Program.Your management assistant and partner in asset management
American Hotel Furnishings Co. uses state-of-the-art software as part of our FF&E project management service. An interactive program, it allows property managers to identify replacement reserve assets not only in total but also by specific unit or common-area location. It also aggregates all replacement items and lays them out on a year-by-year spreadsheet for cost projection. Property managers can plan replacements more efficiently, leverage data to negotiate more favorable replacement costs, and have a reliable basis to estimate replacement reserve assessment needs.

Plus, you get the unparalleled expertise, buying power, distribution, and product selection of the world's largest hospitality supply company - American Hotel Register Company.

For turnkey service, turn to American Hotel Furnishings Co.

If you are a client or a prospective client and would like more information, please contact American Hotel Furnishings Co. at 1-800-323-5686 ext. 1407 or e-mail us at

Prospective vendors should contact our Merchandising Department.